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Eva Bartlett in Halifax


Eva Bartlett is a very brave young Canadian woman who has spent much of the last six years in Palestine, volunteering for the International Solidarity Movement. In mid 2007 she arrived in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank where she stayed for 8 months. In late 2008, she sailed to the Gaza Strip with "Free Gaza", one of five successful sailings to Gaza. Every boat since has been stopped, often brutally, by the Israeli navy.

During most of her time in Gaza, Eva lived with a Palestinian family in a central Gaza village.

Eva is currently on a speaking tour in Canada explaining her experiences there. She intends to return, but is not sure when.

On 4 September 2013, Eva spoke at an event in Halifax,

Constant Surveilance

In Gaza, Eva found life to be one of constant surveillance by Israeli soldiers.

Gaza is surrounded by a heavily re-inforced mesh and razor-wire fence. Within Gaza's boundaries, the Israeli authorities have unilaterally imposed a 300 metre “buffer zone” on the Palestinian side exclusively. Military surveillance towers line the entire border.

These towers are capable of viewing and firing on any and all who venture into this no go zone (or even those who get just several hundred metres or up to 2 km from its Gaza edge). In addition, Israeli soldiers are constantly patrolling this corridor.

Israeli Surveillance Tower Click for enlarged image An Israeli Surveillance Tower (click on it for an enlarged image).

Farmers Under Fire

One third of Gaza's farmland is within the surveillance corridor. It is the most fertile land. Gaza farmers try to farm the land on their side of it, but are constantly shot at, kidnapped and shelled by Israeli soldiers.

Browse to,
click on the "about" link and then the "more" link, to see full details re how this video was made.

Palestinian farmer injured by Israeli soldiers Click for enlarged image

Hitting a volunteer from another country would be very bad publicity for Israel, but Palestinian farmers appear to be fair game.

Here are many more videos of "farming under fire in the border region" by the International Solidarity Movement.

Burned Crops

The Israeli army often sets fire to the farmers' crops just as they are about to be harvested.

Field of burned wheat Click for enlarged image Field of burned wheat.
The grain was useless  
after it had been burned.  
Burned grain Click for enlarged image

Chemical Weapons Use

The use of chemical weapons has been much in the news since late August 2013, because of the sarin gas attack in Syria.

White phosphorus can also be used as a chemical weapon. This substance immediately starts to burn spontaneously in the presence of ordinary air, and keeps on burning until it is either completely consumed or it is deprived of oxygen. The combustion occurs at a very high temperature, so when it comes into contact with any combustible material - human skin or clothes, plastics, wood, many building materials - that material also immediately starts to burn. It was used by the US during the Iraqi war and has also been used by the Israelis against the Palestinians in Gaza.

White phosphorus sponge bomblets streaking through the air and landing on Gaza building

Once the shell explodes, it releases 122 sponges, each soaked with the white phosphorus chemical. These streak through the air in a wide shower until they hit something solid, which will then ignite if it is combustible.

See Israel attacks UN school in Gaza
Human Rights Watch decries Israel’s use of white phosphorus in report
for additional information about the Israeli use of white phosphorus in Gaza.

Many white phosphorus shells remained unexploded in Gaza after operation "Cast Lead" was over. Eva was an observer at a United Nations operation to safely detonate some of these.

Medical Services Targeted

A favourite target of the Israeli soldiers is anything related to medical assistance.

Palestinian ambulance damaged by Israeli artillery Click for enlarged image

Palestinian ambulance damaged by Israeli artillery

See Israel is targeting medics for full story.

More Palestinian Medical Relief Services stories

Palestinian medic shot by Israeli soldiers while trying to rescue another shooting victim. Click for enlarged image

Palestinian medic shot by Israeli soldiers while trying to rescue another shooting victim.

Fishermen Under Fire

On the Mediterranean coast Gaza's Palestinians have traditionally been fishermen. Their lives are subjected to similar lethal harassments to those perpetrated on the farmers.

And Jesus said, come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Video of Israeli navy boats harassing Palestinian fishermen.

Note: this video may need to be played at 240p instead of 360p.

Summing Up

Altogether, Eva showed over two hundred photos showing the treatment meted out to the Palestinians by the Israelis. It was heartrending. And the ability of the Palestinians to survive this treatment is truly humbling.

How can the rest of the world stand by and allow these atrocities to be carried out?