Canadians Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace
Justice - the Road to Peace
العدل - الطريق الى السلام
צדק הדרך לשלומ
Our vision is for an Israel-Palestine where all peoples are equal and free regardless of their religion, culture, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation; and where all the basic tenets of international law and human rights conventions are implemented.

The United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel (UNJPPI) is a "grassroots network of United Church members and adherents, and other friends", that "covenants to engage, consolidate, nourish, and channel the energy in the United Church of Canada toward the goal of a just peace in Palestine/Israel".

On 3 December 2013, as part of their "Unsettling Goods" campagn, UNJPPI organized a Canada-wide day of action protesting the sale of goods manufactured in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. In Halifax, this consisted of a demonstration in front of Saint Andrew's United Church, corner of Coburg and Robie Streets in downtown Halifax. Several members of CAJJP participated.

Here are some pictures of the demonstration.


Face hidden by sign

Linda, CAJJP sign

Singers 1

Singers and signs 1

Singers 2

Singers and signs 2



Singers 3

Singers and signs 3

Linda, Canada Wide Boycott Action sign

Linda, bullhorn


The whole group